Some of the projects i've worked.

Bíblia APP (Programming) - A simple bible web app for Android(4.0+) - Download here. Github Repository.

Sypher (Programming) - A front-end static blog system engine which don't needs any application to compile posts. Only by writing a markdown file, make upload and its working! Simple and fast for non-programmers.See it running at here. Github Repository

SISNEV (Design/Front-end Programming) - A web platform to indicate a countage(and others factors, giving all data by each district in the map) of violece against women cases at Parnaíba city. This project works as a help to NEV institution, which is co-financed by Europe Union. This project was published at SIC 2018. Access the website here.

PhoneBag (Design/Programming) - A Instagram-like Android application with a servlet-based Java back-end server, it was part of my technician exam test.

E24 Resistor Color Calculator (Front-end Programming) - A simple website for fast calculation of electrical resistance of a resistor by its colors.